See why we say “It Makes a Village!” as the heart of Pasadena’s Playhouse District transforms from a former highway into an amenity rich pedestrian-friendly experience!

Imagine adding creative "people places" to the core of the Playhouse District - providing shade, seating areas, greenery, public art, and flexible performance space.  Meet friends, linger and stroll in a neighborhood that now becomes even more inviting - attracting residents, shoppers, and visitors to enjoy the enhanced street life.

To set the stage, Colorado Boulevard between Los Robles and Hudson will feature angled parking which increases the number of overall parking spaces and creates a buffer to accommodate the parklets.  Traffic lanes will be adjusted from five lanes to three to create a more appropriate multi-modal corridor and "calm" traffic speeds to bring them in line with the posted speed limit of 25 mph.  Dashed-line center lanes and dedicated left-turn lanes maintain car traffic flow (and facilitate the safe movement of emergency vehicles) while encouraging through traffic to use Union and Green streets - and designated loading zones keeps goods flowing to local businesses. Pedestrian Bulb-Outs will be added at intersections to create a dedicated, protected area reducing the crossing distance across Colorado Boulevard and side streets. 

To accommodate the Rose Parade, our parklets will be disassembled in advance of the Parade and reassembled in early January - ensuring that the parklets initiative has no impact whatsoever on this treasured annual event in Pasadena!  

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The Playhouse District Association, City of Pasadena, as well as community sponsors and volunteers are working together as a Parklets Pilot Committee to make this vision a reality.

As the originators of this concept, the Playhouse District Association (PDA) has provided leadership and funds for designs, community outreach and on-going stewardship.

The City of Pasadena has lent extensive professional staff expertise to ensure that traffic impacts are minimal, and that the new design will be safe.  The proposed changes to Colorado Boulevard would be paid for by a Playhouse District Parking Revenue Fund administered by the City.

And lastly, many Community Sponsors and Volunteers have donated their time and energy to bring this initiative to the current point.  Going forward, we’ll also be looking to businesses and individuals to contribute financial support through donations and sponsorship to construct, install and maintain the parklets as well as providing on-going “activation” through arts and cultural events.




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