Do these back-in angled parking spaces work?



The City of Pasadena has proposed Back-In Angled Parking (BIAP) for this 5 block stretch of Colorado Boulevard to promote safety as well as fluid automobile traffic movement on the street.

While you may have not yet seen it personally, BIAP is actually much simpler to execute than parallel parking and (compared to traditional head-in angled parking) it’s much easier to exit the space by “nosing out” into the traffic flow rather than backing out blindly.

Pasadena first implemented BIAP in 2014 with a block on Vista Street between Sierra Madre and Rosemead Blvd. If you have a chance to check it out, you'll see that the change was supported only by the simple signage shown above and people have easily adopted the approach.

Building on that success, the design has also been put into operation on a block face within the Civic Center (on Garfield, south of Walnut in front of the Police Department).

Back-In Angled Parking is now considered to be the current “Best Practice” across the United States and it’s been successfully implemented in cities such as Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Seattle and Ventura as well as in states including Alabama, Arizona, Delaware, Ohio, Montana, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Washington and more!


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