How much money does this cost – and who is going to pay?


There are three parties working hard to make this vision a reality, and each is making a distinct contribution.

The project originated within the Playhouse District Association (PDA) and the PDA has committed to provide funds for:

  • Sample Designs 
  • Community Outreach

The City of Pasadena has lent extensive professional staff expertise to ensure that traffic impacts are minimal, and that the new design will be safe.  The proposed changes to Colorado Boulevard would be paid for by a Playhouse District Parking Revenue Fund administered by the City.

And lastly, a variety of Community Sponsors have donated their time and energy to bring this initiative to the current point.  Going forward, we’ll also be looking to businesses and individual Community Sponsors to provide financial support for:

  • Investment to fabricate and install Parklets
  • On-going “activation” through arts and cultural events


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