Will the road diet create a traffic nightmare on Colorado?



As you probably know, Colorado Boulevard was originally engineered as a highway (the former Route 66) but now – with the 210 freeway now running less than ½ mile to the north – Colorado in the Playhouse District has become an attractive arts-oriented retail area.  As the Editorial Board of the Pasadena Star-News characterizes the Boulevard, it's now "...the shopping and dining and strolling heart of the city."

In too much of a hurry for all that?  You'll be able to slide over one block to Union and Green, two one-way streets that are specifically designed to move cars from one end of town to another.  However, if you’d prefer to stay on the Boulevard and enjoy the sights, the Pasadena Department of Transportation (DOT) estimates that rush hour travelers will only experience a 30-second delay getting across town. 


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